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Milkshake song teaches Dairy lesson

May 3rd, 2013

Recently Brand Music were commisioned by Ginger productions in Melbourne to develop a music track that would help primary school aged children throughout Australia to learn about the importance of more dairy in their diet.
A team of professional dancers choreographed a dance piece and schools nationwide were encouraged to learn the dance and video their […]

New Track for Ford Territory

August 31st, 2012

Here’s a new track we did for Ford Territory working with the talented Colour Me Films. Special mention to our super producer Grainger Lock for the sparkle
Ford Territory 30 EM 15 FORD (Preroll) from Brand Music on Vimeo.

The new Fab Four? Beatles’ sons may form band

April 4th, 2012

The new Fab Four? Beatles’ sons may form band
As read in the Age

The new Fab Four … James McCartney, Sean Lennon, Dhani Harrison and Zak Starkey.
A fresh wave of Beatlemania could sweep the world after Paul McCartney’s son said four of the legendary British rock group’s children were considering setting up a band […]

Top 10 April Fools Day Brand Pranks

April 4th, 2012

Top10 April Fool’s Day brand pranks
As Posted on April 3, 2012 by Marketing

1. Telstra, Everything 80s is cool again
Telstra brought back the gold phone for April Fool’s Day this year, complete with coin operated, old-school, push-button dialling and easy to read non-high-definition display. Great for the home or office!

2. Google, Roo View
Google […]

Jingle for oo.com.au

March 15th, 2012

we developed the oo.com.au jingle based around the oh oh hook which has been really cutting through on radio for the past year. We love the sound of retail.
listen to the track here