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Which Jingles have never left your head?

When I walk through the supermarket in Australia, there are still so many brands that make me sing. From Sao Biscuits ( ‘You can’t beat a Sayo for a snack’) to Crunchie  ( ‘Change the colour of your day’). What are the brands and slogans you can still recall and sing start to finish? Which brands do you still purchase because the the tune is hard wired into your brain?

4 Responses to “Which Jingles have never left your head?”

  1. bubabout says:

    Oh what memories! You are so right — what about Decore? Love it? Hate it? But you still know it, right? Somehow for me, beats the new ‘clever’ music in the current ads for Cadburys. Seriously, like yes kinda funny, but not a made for the brand musical identity.
    Bring back the custom jingle! Where are you all, creatives????

  2. Danny says:

    Razzamataz – nice jinlges, nice legs. O Oh – Can’t forget that combination

  3. Gman says:

    I feel like a Tooheys, feel like a Tooheys, feel like a Tooheys or two. Lucky it wasn’t 3 or they would have been officially pushing binge drinking!

  4. Dan says:

    I remember hearing a great version of Pal Puppy food!!

    Cottees cordial “My dad picks the fruit, that goes to Cottees…to make the cordial, that i like best!!”

    Then it goes up a step and repeats….. Stuck in there forever, eh?

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